Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lost soul.

“Hahaha. Practice bha ni”
Sayang betul ko ngn dia kan.
“Mestilah bha. Lama suda"
Kalau dia tahu dia marah tak weh ?
“Uina, jangan kasi sebar. Kita senyap2 jak aa"

I wonder what if my beloved persons were to be taken away from me at unexpected times :( ( Not impossible at all. Then,why...? )
The person will be gone. And I will remain while reminsicing the good old memories that we once shared together....
Painful enough.
What if..... I ......( Allahu )
This self is still lacking. Got nothing to show to Him. :'(

But do remember that Allah has His all right to take someone away from us. 

Be tough, friend. 
You can always be with *.
Through du'as and all. Pray a lot. Yasiin regularly.  
And not to forget.
Allah will be there for you. Always. 

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