Wednesday, August 1, 2012

blame the stupid nonsense .

have you ever come across with this situation,
where ;
you have this one thing in mind, you are about to do that particular thing. 
and because of 1 person, it's all doomed. 
what do you feel ? how do you feel ?

you're about to sort things out. 
unfortunately, things are not going just as what you've planned it to be.

i feel bad.
very very bad.
we were discussing earlier.
we've come out with some solutions.
but it feels like the solutions will not be appreciated.

i wonder how people cope out with those people who like to bother things that are non-related to themselves.
do they feel happy doing all that ?
don't they feel ashamed of themselves ?
you know.
i don't think there is a person who likes other people to know things bout him or her.
i mean, things that not every member of the public supposed to know bout.

go get a life lah.
why go around and meddle with other persons' life ?

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