Wednesday, July 4, 2012

reflection creates response.

it's really suffocating for me to pretend to be all right all the time.
but, certain things cannot be undone. actions, words... *i guess everything -.-"

i DO feel wrong.
i DO feel bad.
well, i tried to fix things, but too bad...,  i failed. -.-"
"mere humans cannot be perfect no matter how hard we try to be one." yeah. noted.
so, it's a job for us to take lessons for what we've done.

=things will always run smoothly as what we and others expected=
things will never, ever turn out that way. guaranteed ! -.-"

came across this story when i was blogwalking the other night.
So, there's this man. He's now in shocked. Traumatized. He can't do nothing. Wanna know why he's like this? This guy had three children and they are around 3, 4 years old and the youngest is a baby. One day, his wife bathed the youngest one. The other two was playing around. Out of nowhere, these boys played with 'keris'. Yes, the real 'keris'. They played and played until the brother stabbed the other one. His wife and himself panicked. They instantly wanted to go to the hospital. While he reversed his car, BANG, a loud sound was heard. And it was his son, he was hiding behind the car because he was scared. The boy died right there. Then, at that very moment, his wife realized that she left her daughter in the bathroom. She went there, and she saw the baby is already dead. 
not really related. just a matter of sharing.
the message ?
nothing lasts. not mere humans, not the angels. nothing at all.
except ONE. our Creator, Allah S.W.T.
don't be too satisfied if things are happening according to your wish now.

don't blame fate. don't blame others.
we cannot expect for happy events all the time.
sad things teach you more.
trust me. they did. for me.
be thankful for what you have or had.
Allah can take everything away from you in a split second, on His accord.
say your gratitude to Allah.
praise Him.


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