Wednesday, July 4, 2012

i wonder in such ......

i really could not help myself from not asking this 'absurd' question.
"why lah these people saying all stupid things related to their own reproductive organs or genital system whatsoever when they are cussing"
like.... come on lah people.
kau takde benda lain nak dimencarutkan ke ? *mencarut alone is not a wise action. please take note.
kenapa mesti em em sendiri kau nak cakap. pastu post kat public.
tweet kau dari awal pagi sampai ke malam cakap pasal benda alah tu.
don't you have your dignity ? 
wuiyai. it's like you're exposing your own aib okay.
and it's embarassing. 
seeing men cussing, i can still tolerate. uh um. =="
but to see women cussing, and all... nahh. major turn off. >,<

please lah people. 
daripada cakap benda tak elok tu, it's better for you to zikir. *my mum's fav line*
dapat pahala wey.
lagi untung.

k. Assalamualaikum.

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