Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Red & Wild BBQ Gathering :3

and so. last Monday.
we (TESL 2) had our BBQ night.
all 17 of us.
like first time ever. without lecturers.
inside college.

we started at 8 something, lighted some candles *hopeless romantic :p* and we managed to eat our own cooked, marinated meals (chicken,sausage,sweet potatoes and so on and so forth) at about 9 something. pretty fast right. thanks to our heroes, ewan, kai and yam for their helping hands. ^_^
the meals tasted so nice. no kidding. super delicious. i wonder who were the ones who marinated 'em. *Ehem to hawa, nufa and err, me. :p
thanks to the ones who bought 'em too. :p
we played games too. and the most exciting one was the truth or dare.
luckily, i wasn't picked to answer any nonsense questions but i managed to ask tin tin a killer question. *killer ke pun. ekekeke :p

so. here are some pictures.
feel free to scroll down. :p

**photo credit to miss lala hashim and various photographers**

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