Friday, April 13, 2012

messed up. dropped to be dead.

‎"you didn't do quite well like you used to. i'm a bit upset and frustrated with you, atiqah." - M.R.U.
i knew this would happen madam.
i messed up the filial piety part.
i messed up the poem. 
messed up a lot.

it's not that i was overconfident, but my mind was...
i dunno.
this sounds like an excuse.
but still...,

sorry madam for disappointing you.
to let others be on top..
i will try harder and strive for the top next time.
by doing all these.... =="

this is my promise.
to my own self.
to you.
i will.
with Allah's will.


*deep down inside, my heart is already shattered. into pieces. knowing that one fact. =="
but i learnt that, despite of failing, success DO come through failure ^___^

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