Saturday, April 7, 2012

captures. tesl camp.

not chronologically arranged.
i learned this(these) and that(s) during tesl camp.
it was really fun.
very the awesome.
i'd been speaking to just anyone.
to this and that person.
liking it very much.

my team, Golden Claw was the winner of the Explorace.
couldn't digest the fact.
even now, still.
thanks to the committee..,
for being awesome.
thanks to fellow team members.
students of smk sri mulia.
especially amir. *there's a pic of me and amir up there. he's such a cutie pie. xD
oh, i love and adore u so much lil fella.
please study hard.
and be more mature :')

hope the bond between all of us will never fade away.
love all of u teslian ! ;)

i'm in a very bad mood right now.
i glared at everyone.
yupp, everyone. including wardah.
i'm really pissed off.
don't ask me why. 
like hell i won't even tell.


azwa amani said...

keciknya kamu tiqah oiii.. huhuhu :P

Anonymous said...

frim best gile.mmg semput r on the way nak naik jambatan gantung tu kan.

*najaah* said...

@wani. apakah y kecik ituuu? elelele. mcmla dia besar. ekekeke. wekk :p

@mun. aah. SERIUS. time tu mendaki gila. padahal dekat je. curam habis. =="