Sunday, March 25, 2012

here we 'ARE' once again.

those scener(ies). 
look someWHAT familiar.
yeah. we went to KLPADAT again yesterday.
*foolish naja. its KLPAC. mana datang padat tu? =="
we were there for the "compleat works of william shakespeare abridged"
* me myself dunno. why them. spell compleat/(complete) that way. or maybe it's a typing error.
mind that.
the act was really fun. 
i couldn't let myself count how many 'AWESOME' laughter i produced yesterday.
it was really hilarious!

dun wanna type more as my hand is in its worse case scenario right now.
just take over pictures...

the last picture. the three men standing. 
from the left. kingsley, charles and my gavin.
yesss. my gavin. right. he's so handsome and ignorant. lol. xD
if only we could use camera openly... ==" 
i would snap a loadss of his awesomeness. (sighing)

that's all i think.
thanks to mdm sarah for this one.
really helped me to put a smile on my face
 instead of me making the same terrible face throughout the day. ;)

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