Tuesday, February 14, 2012


the fact is, i have to let go GF2.
me. so. sad.
but, my bro bought this one instead.
which costs him a lot more compared to GF2.
the lens is just awesome aiteee T^T
exactly this one.
*if only baby comes with white coloured body. T^T. me like white gadgets *_*
with the flash and lens of course.
it appeared right before me just now.
i resist to let go of it, but what to do.
my sis, Aji will be the first one to experience moments with this new baby.
in Korea.
yupp. she'll be in Korea this Thursday.
and baby will tag along.

i'm not bragging.
camera. lens. pictures. there are of my interest.
so, bear with me :)

oh yeah.
it's almost 14th february.
i'm not going to talk about valentine's day okay.
it's my sister's birthday.
Aji. have a blast.
you're getting old. i want more bro - in- law(s).
only you n Jane left.
lolololol. XD
may Allah bless you every second of your existence.
i love you sistaaaa.

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