Tuesday, February 28, 2012

awesomeness :)

"ah. i love you like a love song, baby"

please read that 'ah' as if you're singing the song. or just read it silently, or else.
....you'll end up sounding desperate.

i'm tired.
honestly very very tired.
got mock exam coming really2 soon.
with a pile of assignments longing for my touch. *eww. that sounds really off aite.
KOT is so burdensome i tell you aaaaa.
i have to join marching.
it's been quite some time since i last march.
2006 maybe?
but thanks to our dearest commander,
i think our team will be awesome on d-day.
insyaAllah. we've fight that yellow2 team. main rival. lol

despite the tiredness.
i'm really haaaaaaaapppppppyyyyyy!~
yeappp. i'm really that happy. :)

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