Friday, January 6, 2012

syukur. really.

the first week for this 2nd semester finally come to its end.
many more weeks will come after.
and lotsa holidays.
=i still dunno why we have to replace all the classes including the days before january 4th. even the public hols too. duhh=

the lecturers?
some of them remain unchanged.
social studies, Ldesc.

and, new faces appear.
mdm S for our Ldev.
supposed to be mdm Sabariah, but i dunno why they change this one.
mdm Sabariah was really lovely.
very motherly type of person.
having 1 hour class with her is enough. i think...
thanks madam for the advices. ;)

back to mdm S.
she's nice. really. and we personally enjoy to have lessons with her.
ow yeah. she knows how to scare the hell out of me. <-- hyperbole.
she.calling out names = me.freaking out.
mdm J for our ES.
not a new face.
she taught us Ldev last sem. and she's our mentor.
and so far so good.
i love the way she explains things.
hopefully the other one is okay too.

whatever it is.
i am still missing mdm R.

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