Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunway P.

today. wardah and i went to sunway pyramid.
supposed to be 4 of us.
but, yeah.
plan tak jadi. hihi,
takpelah kan. 
next time maybe. ;)

so, here.
let the piccas take over the talking writing.

she's twirling. she's an athlete. i guess. based on her jersey.

the dragon is floating. and smiling. XD
when wardah met burger king. :3
bored face. sick face.
thanks wardah.
thanks for your time.
thanks AH.


yana said...

kecik gilos muka akak. mkn byk sket please kasi tembam. :D

*najaah* said...

mane ade kecik. ko yeye jeeee. ade budak kate akk tembam. arghh @_@ mane 1 betul neeehhh @_@