Saturday, January 21, 2012


currently waiting for this tiny lil creature to be ours.
either this white, 
gila awesome kalo ada lens skali. =="
or this red will be great. :D
be mine quickkkk. =="
and it will be more awesome if either one of those comes with this casing and all.
i know. it's pink. i shouldn't like it. but it's cute. =="
and yeah. i know it's kinda late for gf2 since
this freakin' awesomely lookin' gf3 is already out.

and like i care.

why not DSLR?
i love to play around with dslr, but i don't prefer it.
it's huge.
i prefer small ones 

❤ abang, be quick 
=your adik is patiently waiting=

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