Wednesday, January 25, 2012


oohhh baby.
why are you so cuteeeee and sooo irresistibleee.
baby hannan in the cradle.
close up. *awww. so peacefulll :3
my sis, my mum and I. with hannan.  :)
my mum with kak siti nadzirah. hannan's mummy :)
last monday.
three of us went to nusaputra (near puchong and cyberjaya)
for baby hannan aqiqah n cukur jambul.
it's been a very long time since we last met kak siti.
oh yeah.
*kak siti anak angkat mak, time program PTD dulu.
she's half chinese.
but both her parents are really fair. 
her mum is chinese. *or wait. maybe her granny is chinese.
while her dad is pure malay, but he got that chinese look on his face.
okay. just mind that. =="
her husband is very islamic one. 
he's the one who Imam'kan' our zuhur prayer.
*i was excused.
and his pronounciation... makhraj.
O' Allah.
i want a husband just like him.
who can be my Imam.

and her baby.
omai omai.
hannan is very prettyyyyy.
so cuddlyyy.
and so chubbyyy.
*bite bite*

i want to be a mummy too. 
a pair of kids will do. a boy and a girl. 
thereee, a complete picture. 
oh yess. not to miss out their loving daddy. 

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