Tuesday, December 20, 2011


may the 20th year full of blessings. *and also the years after. insyaAllah :)
hope to be near HIM.
as near as possible.
that's the very first wish.

hoping for my family happiness.
with mum and dad always be healthy.
the rest as well.
with abang to get married. and maybe jannah too. *insyaAllah.
with niece(s)/nephew(s). * insyaAllah.

hoping for fellow friends to still be friends.
to create many significant memories together.
to excel in studies. *may Allah grant this wish too. insyaAllah,will try my very best.

there's something i really wish it would happen.
let it be a secret. for now.

million of thanks for the warm wishes guys.
lots of name. couldnt mention it here. :')

and, thanks to mun, for this one :D

and also nufa fatin for this.
*a link would be better i think. ;)
thank you. very much darling. (^_^)

love you. really.


Anonymous said...

lot of love <3 -mun-

azwa amani said...

happy belated brthdy tiqah.. :) huhuhu, budak kecik..