Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the precious ones.

not to sum up everything on 11/11 & 12/11 & 19/11,
more like a history for me.
11/11/11 after solemnization together as 10 for 1 :)
err, i dunno why my face looks like that. mind it. :p
looks like the king and queen of the day is mad with mummy n daddy. :p
act 2. :p
sort of formal act. siblings. :)
okay. our stripes appear. :p
2 done. 4 more to go :)
kakngah with ponchu's daughter. bangah was missing. o.O
formal act of the girls with the newlyweds :)
the photographer asked us to hembus2 at them. look at banglang's face. lol XD
so, that's all. 
i think.
thanks for stopping by. (macam ada je -.-)
will update more photos later.

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