Tuesday, December 6, 2011

past times.

i've done this. and i've done that too.
now i'm thinking to begin the king lear reading.
i've been told that the play is not that exciting.
gotta evaluate it myself.
so, here are the pictures.
the first group of 4 collage pictures were taken last saturday.
me, kakngah and bangah went to pd. 
i would say i'm impressed and grateful to see the magnificent view.

taken by lollipop.
 and for this one. yeah. i spent lots of time staring, trolling and looking at him. T.T
credits to photo owner. me, fizhasan and the last one, i forgot where i got that one from.
=i'm in the mood of collecting and recalling memories of what had happened last year. and also this year. yeah. i'm gireving now.=

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