Wednesday, November 9, 2011

sem 1.

(been so long since the last one)
(what?your last post?)
(duhh,nope.the greetings)
(ow, bad.)

cut the crap.
so the story is.

sem 1 is coming to its end.
yeah rite. dah 5 bulan kat sini.
lama kot.
and i'll turn 20 next month.
*lame. what's the point?

so far staying in ipgkpt.
fun lah kan.
room mate, friends, lecturers, studies.
everything is okay.

for sem 2.
they said, we might have to change rooms.
swap the rooms.
room mates? better don't.
i'm doing fine with my room mate for now.
so, please.
let it be.
but if its necessary,
then, what to do.
boleh ke org tahan dgn conditions aku nih.

- first thing first. do their part as a Muslim. perform solah. i just can't & couldn't stand people disobeying what their Almighty Creator asks them to.
- i dislike people using my stuffs without permission. i'm a kind person (whoah). i usually don't care about people borrowing my stuffs, but please, ask permission first.
- i hate people messing up my territory. u mess ur own, it's fine (okay lah, it's not). but please, dun ever mess with mine.
- i prefer to remain silent if the atmosphere is awkward. its fine. but no fun. talkative is fun, but bigmouth, over my dead body.

expect and hope to maintain this friendship for..,
about 5 more yrs and til death do us apart.?

let's just see how it goes next year.

seniors said subjects are getting heavier.
be prepared.
nothing in life is easy.
even sleeping is not easy.
(now, why am i talking about sleeping)
but, just face it.

i should begin my reflection essay now.
why am i here.

til then.

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