Saturday, November 26, 2011

officially over.

i did imagine and hope to meet you someday.
finally. last wednesday.
you appeared.
in front of me.
goddess like.
you're so fair.
even fairer than khun?
yes. i was so stunned.

i walked beside you.
i did record you.
i called your name.
but you did not respond.
i called you oppa, then you turned.
and yes. you did smile. so cute. ^o^
i dunno whether its for me, or the others too.
but i managed to record it. in my camera.
you're smiling like,,,

we're so far.
but the heart sign you made.
very kind of you.
thanks baby.
you're too sweet that i can barely handle the sweetness.

November 26th. (suddenly, ter recall harini bday abg iporr >_<)
you will go back later. 
i know you're already at the airport. 
i really2 wanted to send you off.
but it's impossible.
and i AM so jealous with the rest of the Hottests who went to klia ;(
that policewoman who salam2 you.
i'd kill her later. lol. joking. >_<
take a good care of yourself.
it's winter. ;(
bye bye my baby love ;(


you're wearing that white shirt that day. the first time we met. ^o^
credits to fizhasan
it was this time when the heart sign appeared to us ;(
credits to @okdaeri

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Wardah Haji Diuh said...

mana nickhun saya?? hehee :)