Tuesday, November 29, 2011

blinking bulb.

honestly, i feel lost.

why do people always forget to seek for the Almighty love first instead of human love?
even me, the person who's currently typing this entry is included.
love here is in general means.
every happiness, every joyful moments.
are they not supposed to be shared with our Creator?
and only grief should be shared with Him?

i have to be honest here.
i feel sick when it comes to human love.
when it comes to friends, argh. 
hella difficult to satisfy their needs and wishes.
yeah. i admit. i fall in love too.
*with kpop idols, can count lah kan. wink ;p*
but there are times (lots of times actually) that i feel and felt,
"should i feel this way?"
and i questioned and am still questioning myself,
"if not, why Allah bestowed me with this kind of feeling?"
"isn't our fitrah is wanting to be loved and to love?"
"i feel so wrong being in love with the one i should not"

"the occurrence of human being is to obey Allah s.w.t"
and there... i finally found the answer.

"i feel lost without His love"
i felt that way before.
yes. i did.
and hopefully. I will continue to seek for His love first.

human love.
i will try find one after nikah_solemnization.
just like my sisters.
both of my sisters begin their love story after marriage.
and right now,
i am still feeling very happy and glad to see my second sister after her solemnization.
she'd found her right one, insyaAllah.

His love will always leads to happiness.

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