Friday, August 19, 2011

shocking conversation.

kiki's voice singing~

caller : kwan pei ling.

me : hello.

pei ling : atiqah.

me : yupp pei pei.

pei ling : madam asks you to go back. (i thought she wanted to say madam ask you to attend her class now ==")

me : err?

pei ling : no,she asks you to go home.

me : but,i'm okay need no need.

pei ling : no,she said there's no one to take care of you at the hostel.

me : i'm getting better already,it's okay.this afternoon got presentation some more(i can survive on my own ==")

pei ling : no,i called mdm rusma already,she said the presentation would be on next monday.

me : *speechless. but i'm fine with today. (T_T)


kekadang aku rasa macam aku dah susahkan ramai orang.
aku sorang je yang tak sihat.
tapi,aku dah jejaskan group aku.
maaf hawa.
maaf atasha.
maaf pei ling.
maaf madam.


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