Friday, June 17, 2011

you STEAL my HEART!~

son dong woon!
u gotta give my heart back!
why are you so COMEL like,OVERDOSELY COMEL in this YOU!?

this was performed 'yesterday',mnet countdown.actually it was prerecorded the morning before.
the majima_goodbye stage for them.they're to conclude their fiction&fact promo.
*how saddddd T_T*

ilovehiminshades ^^

after performing twinkle2 lil star using that ukelele~


i won.capture me! XD

seungi's trademark *peace*

who wants this flower then raise ya handss!*ME ME!

inshades.again ^^

please,be ME.

woonie,i'm overhere.NOT THERE!!
puas dah. XD

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