Thursday, June 16, 2011

suju kiddos. XD

brief update before i walk into my dreamland.


super junior maknae_kyuhyun and hyukjae_eunhyuk.
apparently kyuhyun,the left one is(was) teaching eunhyuk on how to sing hot times by s.m the ballad.
silly myeolchi.
you're ruining the notes!
just stick to dancing ok,hyukjae?

below is the original version,
HOT TIMES-SM the ballad
sm the ballad is a group consisting of sm entertainment top and awesome main vocals.
=kyuhyun_suju,jonghyun_shinee,jaytyphoon_trax and jino=

awesome rite?
ok.and now..,
i'm off to dreamland.
bye bye.

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