Sunday, June 19, 2011

BYE BYE BYE cry cry cry

its finally the last day before the registration day in IPGM pend.teknik. cheras.
and i'm still undone packing all my belongings and stuffs.
while,i'm bloggy,take care of yourself okay.
look after your dongsaeng(tumblr) too kay.
i'll leave the lappy for awhile.
no kpop world.owww,that sucks.
i'll miss you sondongwoon!T_T

without lappy...
great.everyone will be glad for not seeing me updating crappy things either in fb or twitter.
isnt that great yeorobun?=="

bye bye mommy,bye bye daddy.
bye bye siblings.
bye bye love ones.
bye bye friends.
wish me luck.
pray for me.
i'm not going to do things rubbishly this time.

so.til then.


syaidah syafizah said...

take care ur self dear !
i'll pray 4 u !
wish u gud luck 0ke ~
miss u !! =)

Zawani said...

sush la nk jmpe pasni...
take care dear..
moge terusss berjaya!

*najaah* said...

*syidaaa : babaiii.i'm gonna miss you.alot.thanks tau.aku arap kawan aku nnt leh dpercayai cm ko gak.isk isk T_T

*waniiiiiiiiii : yayang.sedihh jgk.tak smpt jumpe ko.takpe.nnt ko trun a kl.kte ngedate sesame key.thanks.doakn aku.babaiii yayang.T_T