Monday, May 30, 2011

an online apology.

big mess sekarang,gara2 THE STUPID ARTISTS,
some of ELFS worldwide dah tahu kes ni.
and jari telunjuk mereka cam nak salahkan malaysian elfs.
no.this isnt our fault.
we're totally innocent.
we did protect suju and other kpop artists the best  as we could.
this is their fault.
point fingers and throw rocks at em.!

this is the onlineletter from us,
source,Malaysian ELFs.

To All International ELF,

On behalf of Malaysian ELF, I really hope that you guys will still support and be with us. We really need your support right now. Those msian artist who talking bad about SUJU totally has no manner. We're Malaysian ELF are fighting with them now. For the sake of SJ, we will do everything just to protect SJ bcos we're their EverLasting Friends (ELF). This issue really make us dissapointed bcos it's not SJ's wrong. The problem is organizer who reserved toilet for SJM. Those artist are not feel satisfied with that and they said, SJ personally request for them to move when they were there. Even if this was true, they don't have the right to bash SJ. One artist also call fans who went to the concert as dog which mean in Malay culture, to call a person as a dog is too rude and no manner at all.
They also said want to make police report. So, we said, just go ahead cos you're just make yourself look like a stupid person. Doesn't you cant think that you're now fighting with teenagers whom you call kids?
I hope my explanation will make you guys clear with the current issue happened in Malaysia.
SJ-M invited by the Govt of Malaysia specially for HARI BELIA because they can attract teenagers from different races to come to the opening ceremony of HARI BELIA and also the concert.
In this regard, I really hope international ELF will continue to support us no matter what happen.

our beloved suju without kibum and kangin.
suju M.
please dont bash us dear elfs.

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