Friday, May 20, 2011


I can't smile I can't find I can't stop, lightless

I'm standing blankly staring at your back
At your words just now, I don't know what to do

Seeing your figure go further away
My heart grows dark
In one moment, I lost the light inside of me

I wander around looking for you like this
I keep thinking about you like this
I just want to see you one more time
But I can't do anything because I lost the light

(You're leaving)
Don't say good-bye, all of your and my memories so fly
Fly away far from reach
(It's growing dark)
Girl it's all lie, oh I think you're coming back
So I can't leave this spot

before I knew it, the light you used to shine with your love, fade out
I wish I noticed this farewell earlier
This big emptiness keeps clawing me,
the bitter scar thinks of you
Girl I need your luv,
even if I repeat it a hundred times, I'm just talking to myself

A day goes by and another day starts
But I don't have you, my light,
and I'm still standing in the darkness

I can't smile I can't find I can't stop, lightless

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