Tuesday, April 19, 2011



a short request from me to you readers.
wish me luck for my interview tomorrow pleaseeee.! -_-"
i have no experience of confronting interviewers,well.officially.
*interview in school,doesnt mean that much rite?
i am not going to put a high hope of passing this interview,
i just wanna answer their questions calmly n be outta the room with smiling face.
*also,not with rotten smile. :/
so please readers.
pray for me.
thank you.



DeE YaNa said...

leebbbiuuu too!;p..bals yg ayt last22 tuh!;p..ehhe

pakmat said...

ok good luck for tomorrow najaa...just relax n enjoy it...
smile always either ok or not..
surely will pray for u...:)

*najaah* said...

kak deeyana ; haha.trme kaseh mmbalas lebiuu sy :p

pakmat ; ai ai sir.thank you for ur wish.*_*

ayie said...

good luck :)