Saturday, March 19, 2011

as for someone.


just forget bout that one.
past is past.
let it pass.
there's no need to think bout the past anymore.
it's not that i don't care.
well,let's just say i don't.
just,what is it to be mourned?
what is it to be celebrated?
history will remain as it is.

*let's walk pass the history from the PAST,
through the PRESENT,
& keep walking towards the unknown FUTURE.



Dahlan said...

Well, it's okay to remember about the past. Avoid the bad memories and mistakes but happy moments in the past should remain in our hearts. If we made a mistake in the past, it's best to move on by correcting in.

Good post there!

*najaah* said...

that's true.

well.i can say the situation my friend and i had before was a complete chaos.
therefore,the scars n hurtful memories from back then should be wiped completely?its a must anyway.huu.

thank you.

zue taengoo said...

so..this is it,for me?

*najaah* said...

kind of.hmm.why?

zue taengoo said...

kind of or exactly for me?

*najaah* said...

i can say either its not completely for u or this whole post is dedicated for u.
pick one.
whatever u think it is.

zue taengoo said...

i think there is misunderstood btween us.mybe anda rse sy mngajak anda ke melaka itu hari krn date nye 18th of march.and of course b4 ni date itu ade meaning sejujurnye,sy tidakla trfikir ajak sbb nk bwk akk sy cik suhana apakan daya,x b'ksempatan juga.tak apelah :)

*najaah* said...
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*najaah* said...

psl melaka tu takde kne mgne la.
ni nak jwb status awk kt fb dl tu je.dah a.
abaikan bleh tak.

zue taengoo said...

ha,sudaaa.knp la nk kaitkn ngn status fb sy not dat kind of prson anymore la kak.cyesly,1 pn status sy kt fb pd 18.03 tu xde kne mngena ngn hal ni.alahaaiii.rse nye da twist skg ni.spe yg trslh phm kt sape agknye diam ye.anyway,tq for explain.
*ptutla sy agk bingung ngn msg anda itu hari.maafkn sy =="